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Lift & Lowering Kits

Add Street Appeal with Lift & Lowering Kits

Add some personality to your ride with a suspension lift kit or lowering kit. At B&R Auto Repair & Tire, we specialize in suspension service. We feature a wide selection of lift and leveling kits from leading manufacturers.

Whether you're looking to add ground clearance for bigger tires and wheels or go low for street appeal and aerodynamics, our staff can modify your vehicle to your desired height.

We serve Charlotte, NC, Stallings, NC, Lowesville, NC, and surrounding areas.

Suspension Lift Kits

  • Combine shocks, springs, coils, and other suspension kit components to increase ground clearance and performance.
  • Alter steering geometry that may call for additional calibrations during a suspension kit installation service.

Suspension lift kits are made for off-road enthusiasts who need more ground clearance and bigger tires for rock climbing and outdoor exploration over rough terrain. Suspension kits add an aggressive look to your truck or SUV, setting your ride apart from stock appearance and performance.

Lowering Kits

Choose a lowering kit to decrease fender gap for a modern look and performance enhancements. Lowering kits:

Lowering kits often result in a firmer-than-usual ride, though you may find your ride to be just as comfortable as a vehicle outfitted with OEM components.

If you’re not sure what type of lift kit or lowering kit to choose, talk with a member of our staff. We'll go over all of your options to help you find the best lift kit for your vehicle.

  • Combine coil springs or drop springs with a set of performance shocks and struts.
  • Result in a lower center of gravity that influences steering and braking response.
  • Enhance precision without sacrificing stability, and reduce noise and gas mileage through improved aerodynamics.